A private loan without upfront fee consists of a credit facility provided by a private lender to a private borrower without charging him any fee in advance of the loan disbursement.

Private borrowing without upfront fee is an a arrangement between two individuals or an institutional private lender and a private person whereby no fee not commission is required to be paid prior receiving the loan on the borrower bank account.

A private loan with no advance payment is a financing solution which fits with the normal standards of normal private borrowing facilities given that any fee should payable after the disbursement of the cash facility or even deducted from the loan during the bank transfer.

A private loan without upfront fee is a good sign for the borrower in terms of reliability on the lender and speaks for a this lender as asking for any commissionnor payment before any money is stransfeeed should alarm any cash seeker even in extreme situations of financial precarity.

A private financing facility must involve a solid loan agreement which includes clear terms and conditions such as interest rates, management and arrangement fees which payable upon the cash disbursement and not prior the loan payment.

Private borrowing which involves any upfront payment, small or big, is a very bad sign and shall make aware that this advance payment is a calculated plan of a pretended lender whos unique objective is to get cash an disappear without lending any money.

In terms of private loan, if a borrower is requested to pay an advanced payment or any fee in advance before receiving the loan amount, he or she should just cut the contact to the pretended lender as it is most probably a scam.