A private loan for mortgage is defined by a financing facility with is granted through a private lender or private investor to private borrower who is tapping the private financing market to acquire a property.

A private loan for mortgage is aiming to give access to funds to a private person who is facing the banks reluctance to grant a financing for the acquisition of a new home for diverse reasons including credit worthiness.

A private loan for mortgage can also be used for a down payment only as lenders when approving a mortgage loan are requesting an equity injection which can be between 10% and 30%.

Private mortgage loans need also to have a solid documentation in order to avoid any conflict in case of payment default of the borrower while the lender is secured with a pro rata partial mortgage on the property.

A private home loan is a mortgage that is made available by a private lender to a person who wishes to acquire a property.

Mortgage between people is an effective way to make access to property easier regardless of the situation of the borrower, provided that this specific type of financing through serious and licensed platforms that practice crowdfunding real estate.

Real estate financing between people can be extended to other private actors who will want to make sure by appropriating part of the property to make sure, these same actors can also contribute to the initial contribution to facilitate a financing through classic normal banks.


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